Hi folks! I’m Yolanda Smith, daughter of The King. I wear a lot of costumes, including wife, mother (I have nine biggies and one little bitty), homeschool teacher, writer, musician, and recovering fundamentalist (God help me, I still slip back to the old ways sometimes). I’m learning a lot about this blessed thing called grace.

I love quilting, gardening, reading, crocheting, cooking, and especially fellowshipping/partying/potlucking. Depending on my level of intentionality, at any given time I may be doing all or none of those things!

My favorite things are coffee, scarves, books, coffee, peanut butter, guacamole, candles, coffee, earrings, purple, turquoise, coffee, coffee mugs, coffee creamer, and coffee.

I love telling and hearing stories.  Would love to hear from you!